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Peligrosa w Bianca Oblivion + Mamis Record Release Party


Join the Peligrosa crew October 19th as we celebrate the next Discos Peligrosa release featuring LA's Bianca Oblivion and Austin's Mamis!

Bianca Oblivion - LA

As co-founder Los Angeles’ Club Aerobics—a label, DJ crew, and NTS Radio show—BiancaOblivion is one of the most talented DJs the city has to offer. A near constant presence in clubs and warehouses, her sound plays with musical stylings across the house spectrum, East Coast club forms, UK bass, Caribbean anthems and Afro-Brazilian rhythms. Through her label and DJ presence, she is nurturing exciting new club sounds and is seen as someone who is ahead of the curve and supportive of the scene. Her mixes for Diplo & Friends, Beats1, NTS and international radio programs have showcased Oblivion’s talents behind the decks, while her edits and remixes have mixed together ballroom, baile funk, club, and dembow with remarkable ease. Whether it be DJing, radio or production she is a hugely influential figure in LA and beyond.





Mamis - ATX

Mamis is a four-piece psych surf punk rock band consisting of Naomi Caballero (lead vocals), Nicole Licea (bass), Lisa Hernandez (drums), and Ash Hicks (guitar). Formed in 2015 in Austin, Texas, Mamis have been steadily garnering attention locally and nationally for their consciously thrilling song compositions and raucous high-spirited performances. Their bilingual lyrics (English & Spanish) heavily focus on empowering women and people of color, resisting oppression and opening a fearless dialogue. Mamis deliver their invigorating debut record, Espíritu, on Discos Peligrosa on October 19th, 2018.





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Established in 2007, Peligrosa began in Austin, Texas as a collective of djs playing eclectic records from around the world. For almost 10 years the collective has flourished and grown (from 3 to 13 members) to include visual artists, photographers, and polymaths alike, all without diverting from our continued efforts to bring artists, fans and the world closer together through reconceptualizing the colloquialisms of music, culture and identity. We are blessed to be celebrating 10 years of positive vibes, deep thought and, of course, the party.


Join us once again on December 15th, 2017 as we celebrate your continued support. Peligrosa cordially invites you to our not-formal, definitely #bienlit, 10 year anniversary soiree at our new home and safe community space, the Northdoor.


Dj Craze
Chulita Vinyl Club
Jefferson D Lion
With a special Chingo Bling Pop-Up Shop + Meet & Greet


Plus the entire Peligrosa crew:
Chingo Bling, El Dusty, Chorizo Funk, Dj Manny, King Louie, Sonora, Orión García, Pagame, Desert Flower Designers, Madgods, Orbitron, Manolo Black, Vj 4th Wall

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